Designed by one of the most prestigious acoustical design firms, Pilchner Schoustal International Inc, the studio rooms are acoustically balanced to allow high quality recordings.

  • Completely floated and well insulated rooms
  • Hardwood flooring and wall treatments
  • Large patio doors allowing inter-room visibility
  • Ultra-quiet ventilation and climate control systems

The Rooms

The 13’x15’ CONTROL ROOM seats 6 people comfortably, contains no parallel surfaces, and offers natural sunlight. The control room features:

  • Quested 5.1 Surround Monitoring System
  • Digidesign Control|24 Automated Mixing Console
  • 24 channels of Apogee conversion
  • Premium quality analog outboard gear

The 19’x9’ MAIN RECORDING ROOM has 10 foot high ceilings and provides neutral acoustics. A hard wood floor and some recessed poplar FultterFree® diffusors give the room a natural sound. It can hold a drum set and 2 musicians.

The Yamaha C3 grand piano is in an acoustically treated SOLARIUM.

A small INSULATED BOOTH allows the recording of a guitar or bass amplifier while the player is in the control room or main studio room. It can also be used as a vocal or instrument booth.